YUP! by Sporn Mesh Non-Pull Harness

YUP! by Sporn Mesh Non-Pull Harness
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Price: $20.95
Product ID : Mesh Non-Pull Harness
Weight: 0.50 lbs
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Designed for Moderate to Heavy pullers!
Fits like a glove! Our newest best seller in pull control offers total control, style and comfort for your dog. This new mesh harness is a continuation of the legacy started by the original Sporn Halter®. All materials and components are made of the highest quality nylon and nickel-plated hardware to reduce weathering.

* Patented system "gives" with dog's natural movements
* Stops the hardest pullers instantly
* Ergonomic and comfortable design
* Guaranteed for life (excludes chewing)

NOTE: Recommended for walking purposes only. Do not leave on dog unattended. Not designed for use as a car harness or tie-out.

Sizing Recommendations

Toy: 8-10 in neck and approximately 2-10 lbs
Small: 9-12 inch neck and approximately 8-25 lbs
Medium: 12-17 inch neck and approximately 25-60 lbs
Large/XL: 16-24 inch neck and approximately 60-100 lbs

Note: At the moment, we do not accept Discover card and we only ship within the U.S., not Canada

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by lucy
10/10/2011 - 10:30:40 AM
Love it!
I got this harness as a gift for my puppy and it works so well - Am enjoying walking my puppy with it everyday! I am thinking of getting them for my friends for the upcoming holiday season. @
Reviewed by Chonch17
10/10/2011 - 10:11:12 AM
The first pull control product that works on my boxer. I recommend this to anyone who's got a STRONG puller on their hands. I've tried chokers and several other pull control harnesses with no luck. This one works, and almost immediately!
Reviewed by RodneyW
08/29/2012 - 07:51:07 AM
My Little Miracle
Unbelievable. I've tried everything outside of a shock collar to get my pit bull to stop dragging me across Ventura Blvd. This was fantastic - and looked good on em too. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone - even for strong pullers like pits.
Reviewed by lmisemer
08/09/2013 - 07:02:32 AM
Great product, helpful service
I purchased this harness for my rescue corgi a few months ago and it has been great. She's learned not to pull, and (even better) her short legs don't slip out of this harness when she's lounging around the house, which was a problem we had with other styles and brands. We also use the extra length in the harness to fasten her to the seat belt in the car.

Recently, the plastic adjuster on our harness broke and, since the product has a lifetime guarantee, I emailed customer service at Sporn to see what they could do for us. I got an email back within 10 minutes offering to replace the harness. Purchase this harness because it's a great product, and purchase through Sporn because their customer service is excellent.
Reviewed by mrmudzilla@frontier.com
07/03/2015 - 03:15:37 PM
WOW!!!, Way too easy.....
Hello. My name is Randy T. Davidson. Yesterday, while looking to purchase a harness for Our Choc. Lab (68 lbs.), I saw one of your Stop Pulling harnesses. I bought one. We (Myself and Remington) test-drove it today on a about a 3-mile walk. My Lab (Remington) never even tried to test it. Once She got to end of the retractable leash, the harness "barely" tightened up, and She would stop or slow down. I give your harness 5 stars after the first time in use. Gonna go back out this evening for a second "spin". You have a great thing going, with this product. I'd recommend it to anyone, with any size dog. I sent a pic to My Daughter that works for a Nationally-based Veterinary Chain and told her that They should recommend this product. Thanks.

Randy T. Davidson
Celina, OH
Reviewed by becsadie00
06/26/2014 - 12:11:46 PM
Nothing Better
I have an old harness by this company and wanted another one. When I went to the Big "Pet Store"(unnamed), they only had ones that had too much wide!!! padding to go under the legs. This didn't fit my dog properly at all. The leash was too close to the collar, not balanced nearer the back of the shoulder blades. Therefore, it looked like it was going to come off. The pretty piping-too rough. This is the best harness ever!!!! It fits my Vizsla perfectly and comfortably, the padding under the legs is so key!!! I will never buy any other. Keep up the good work and never!! change what is already perfect!!
Reviewed by scarfy
05/04/2014 - 04:07:37 PM
Basset Hound puppy
As you can imagine my Basset Hound puppy wants to follow her nose constantly. That's not always easy to handle when she's ripping the leash from my hand. I just gave this harness a shot and I was so surprised. She immediately stopped pulling. It's only been a few days but she walks perfectly now.
Reviewed by Miara
04/12/2012 - 02:37:43 PM
Where has this product been hiding?
My 3 year old 100lb Great Pyrenees mix dog has always thought that it's so much fun to run at full speed while on her leash to see if that one time that she does it will finally dislocate my arm. Even just taking her out in the morning to do her business was a chore. I recently moved into a neighborhood where the majority of renters have dogs. Needless to say, Maggie felt the need to attempt to run up to every dog she saw. I tried training her on a leash and thought I was making progress until we tried going for walks. The pulling was good for a few minutes then would get worse. I figured trying a new type of leash wouldn't be the end of the world. Never thought it would work this well! At first she was not happy with it, or me. But that only lasted the first day. After I put it on her the pulling literally stopped by the time we made it down the hall....no joke! I finally am able to take her with me on walks and while walking at the pace that I set! The best thing is don't have to worry about her being choked from the pulling of the leash attached to her collar. All around great product and it WILL get recommended to everyone I know with pets. I know this review is a bit wordy but trust me I am just that happy with it...I just may take her for another walk as soon as I'm done typing this! If your dog is a puller, then this will definitely solve your problem. Hope this helps!!
Reviewed by mollyjb
03/31/2013 - 08:49:23 PM
no pull harness
I am dog training and recommend this to a lot of my students. While I teach them how to get their dog to walk without pulling, sometimes an aide is needed. this harness is amazing!
Reviewed by ahleeda
03/28/2015 - 02:56:43 PM
I bought one of these for my bloodhound who pulled constantly while walking. He would lunge and once flipped me breaking my foot. The first time I walked him with this he was a different dog! It took 2 to 3 walks and he was completely mellow and has been whenever I use it on him.
Reviewed by tmkindiana
02/19/2017 - 08:36:57 AM
I have been in tears walking my two dogs!! My smaller dog the girl was making me crazy with her pulling. I got this harness with a lot of doubt because I have tried many other harness
I am happy walking my dogs now!! she no longer pulls at all and I am blown away at just how wonderful it is walking my dogs again!!
I am getting another one for my big dog even tho he don't pull bad i want him comfortable in his harness also!!
I was thanking of getting ride of my dog it was no fun at all walking her and now she walks like i had her trained!!
Reviewed by ling123
02/02/2012 - 06:56:34 AM
works so well, my puppy (and I) love it! *V*
Thank you Sporn company

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