YUP! Head Halter

YUP! Head Halter
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Price: $19.95
Product ID : YUP! Head Halter
Weight: 0.50 lbs
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Designed for Heavy to Extreme pullers!
An easy-to-use halter for friendly pull-control that uses gentle guidance from the whiters, not around the face. The muzzle strap is thickly padded to provide maximum comfort for your dog. It converts to a standard collar when the pull-control function is not needed.

* Stops Pulling Instantly
* No "Muzzle" Look.
* Recommended by Trainers and Veterinarians.
* Converts to a standard Collar in Seconds

Sizing Recommendations
Medium: 12-17 inch neck and approximately 25-60 pounds
Large: 16-24 inch neck and approximately 60-130 pounds

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by jrunyan12
12/22/2014 - 02:58:28 PM
Amazing product
I have an ~90lbs German shepherd that just loves to pull! I have tried other "head halter" products on the market that I felt were a little dangerous to use because of how tight they had to be, and even though they were effective for most dogs, it was not for mine. But this product is almost like a bridle for horses if you think about it (without the bit of course) which is exactly what I wanted for my Duke. I love that it comes with a collar built into a nose strap to pull his head down without it being completely around his muzzle. I have been using this product for about a year now and I certainly wouldn't ever consider something else again. I do have a slight concern about the nose strap at times that perhaps the thin strap might wear thin and break. May I suggest some sort of security attachment? There are a few things at the store I could buy to make it work.

Anyways great product! And thank you for solving my pulling issues
Reviewed by knorgren
09/05/2014 - 01:57:38 PM
Best collar I have ever used!
I will say that I rarely write a review, but after using this head halter last night I was compelled to. I have two dogs, a 90 pound doberman and a golden retriever, who are extremely hard pullers. I walk them every evening, but was beginning to hate the walks because they pull me so much I was afraid they might yank me down (or yank my arm off!). I had tried a halti, choke collars, prong collars, etc. with little, if any, success. I decided to try the Sporn as it hooked up to the back of the dog's neck, not under the chin like the others. Wow, what a difference!!

Finally, we had a really enjoyable walk last night. I am looking forward to walking the dogs again!! And we will be taking them out longer because it was so enjoyable. Also, the dogs loved the collars. The doberman literally walked like a show dog!! I love the fact that the collar is gentle on the dogs, easy to use and easy for the dogs to get used to.

If you are on the fence about this collar, give it a try, you might be as pleasantly surprised as I was. Thanks Sporn!
Reviewed by tookiebexar
07/09/2014 - 09:15:45 AM
Priceless gift for my dogs!
I am absolutely in LOVE with this collar/harness!

This harness caught my eye today at the store. I was VERY skeptical, and didn't really have the extra cash. It was at least worth a shot, And if it was crap, I'd return it!

I have 3 Pit Bulls now.
I was surprise gifted my Oldest male Pit when 3 of my 5 kids were 3 and under! Never had time to walk/train/properly socialize the poor dog! My Solution a year later? Well I (stupidly) decided he just needed a friend! A female pit/mix! My 3rd is male, Rescued at 6-8 weeks old.

After 4 yrs. I had pretty much given up on walks and family outings with the dogs. I was only getting pulled or dragged lol. I simply could not teach/control/walk a wild and silly puppy and/or 70lb's of Pure Pit muscle with 3 toddlers who barely walk and 2 children who only run! untangling dog leashes from tiny legs every 2 steps, and keeping us all out of the street! 20 minutes just to make it 3 houses down, it was torture for us ALL!

Today was just amazing! For the first time ever, My 5 kids and I were able to actually WALK each three dogs as a family! My sweet dogs were overjoyed! We walked our "beast" first, and he was so well behaved using tis harness! A small child asked his mom if he could pet my big boy, she quickly explained about asking the dog owners permission first, and that it was OK with her! My Big Boy really Loves meeting and greeting all kids, he was puddy in the boys hands! And I was able to allow it, with full confidence that I was in control, not my dog! He didn't even try to chase the 2 cats we passed!!

The other 2 were walked together with equally amazing results, even though I only bought one collar today. My lil male has NEVER walked on a leash! I have attempted to walk him in the past but he's a scarred, homebody pup and I've never gotten him out of the yard willingly before!

So I Used it on my Female and I think by being able to control her with ease and confidence is what gave him the push he needed, along with a very good example of behavior! I walked both, one leash in each hand, No tangles or trips!

My Dogs truly deserved a day like today! My Family deserved it! We are looking forward to many, many more walks, and will be planning an outing with the dogs, for the first time!

I cannot express how thankful I am to the Sporn company, and everyone involved in this product! Thank you! I will be buying 2 more collars friday!
Reviewed by eyring2210
05/21/2014 - 03:48:25 PM
I bought this head halter today from Walmart for my beagle/basset mix. She would pull the leash right out of my wife or daughter's hand before, but immediately after switching to this halter that stopped! I mean instantly, no joke or exaggeration! I actually had someone who stopped their car because they noticed the change in our dog's behavior! I will recommend this product to everyone.