Joseph S. Sporn
Founder & President

Joseph S. Sporn is an American inventor, entrepreneur, and musician from New York City. He is the proud father of 3 children, and founder of Yuppie Puppy® Daycare for Dogs, the world's first dog daycare center since 1986.  Joe began his career working as a dog walker and a technician in a large veterinary hospital.  He founded The Sporn Company in 1999, which is centered around the sale of his original Sporn Halter® - the first humane pull control solution endorsed by the ASPCA in their history. Since its founding, The Sporn Company has grown into a worldwide enterprise that offers unique, innovative, and patented products for animals all over the world.  Sales of the original halters and harnesses exceed 20 million units.  So important for the dogs, daycare has become a worldwide industry. According to the APPA® more than 10 million dogs attend daycare each month in the USA alone.

Alphonso Delaney II
Creative Director

Originally from eastern Long Island, I decided to study art at Pratt Institute in New York City and never looked back. Surrounding myself with different cultures, backgrounds, foods, sights, and everything that being in NYC has to offer was something I couldn't pass up. As a part of the Sporn Company since 2001, I've taken my knowledge and experience (along with all the inspiration my animals and NYC has to offer) and apply it to every aspect of my work.

Brittni Wiles
Product & Marketing Manager

Born and raised in Arkansas; I’m a lover of all things outdoors, arts and crafts, music festivals, southern fried foods and sweet tea, and of course, animals! I’m a proud pet parent to two Australian Shepherds, Luka and Pippa, a tabby cat who thinks it’s part dog, Stevie, and an aquarium full of Water Dragons. When I’m not in the office working on pet products, I spend most of my time exploring and capturing Mother Nature.

Grace Wang
International Accounts

Two things I cannot live without -- music and love. That's what I find here at Sporn! Risk loving, adventure seeking and food hunting makes the not so graceful Grace!

Brock Gossett
Customer Service

I have three dogs; a Doberman named Arthur, a Doberman/Hound mix named Darby, and a Walker Hound named Cullen. I am very active with our local rescue organizations and take in foster dogs on occasion. I like spending time outdoors as much as possible digging in my yard planting flowers and such. When I can’t be outdoors, I enjoy reading, anything crime & mystery, hanging out with friends and having laughs, and cooking. 

Stephen Clark
Account Manager

I live to travel. Addicted to PHO and have 2 fur babies Benny & Abel (both mutts).