Sporn® Aquatics: Pink Sinularia Coral

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Sporn® Aquatic Creations™ plants and corals are made of 100% fish safe material that will not harm your fish. Crafted from premium quality material it won't fade or discolor while in use. It has a steady artificial rock base which ensures that it won't flip over and stay in place even with big cichlid fish. Compatible with both freshwater and marine aquarium environments.

The incredible realistic detailing and the beautiful vibrant colors on these aquarium corals combine to give it an authentic realistic look that stands out. They are versatile enough to complement any themed fish tank decor.  TIP: Add an air pump to your aquarium to really see the corals and anemones sway with the water current, creating an ultra realistic effect.

Sizing Information:
6 inch width, 3 inch depth, 5 inch height

Note: Always rinse aquarium ornaments before transferring to your aquarium.