Sporn Head Halter™

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Designed for heavy to extreme pullers, the Sporn Head Halter is an easy-to-use halter for friendly pull-control that uses gentle guidance from the withers, not around the face. The muzzle strap is thickly padded to provide maximum comfort for your dog. It converts to a standard collar in seconds when the pull-control function is not needed.

Medium:  12-15 inch neck, or dogs approximately 25-60 lbs
Large:  16-24 inch neck, or dogs approximately 60-130 lbs

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Key Benefits

  • Stops pulling instantly
  • Padded restraint for comfort
  • Comfortable, safe and humane pull control
  • Converts to a standard collar in seconds
  • Lifetime guarantee (excludes chewing)

Sizing Information

Medium:  12-15 inch neck, or dogs approximately 25-60 pounds
Large:  16-24 inch neck, or dogs approximately 60-130 pounds

Precautions: Recommended for walking purposes only. Do not leave on dog unattended. Not designed for use as a car harness or tie-out.

6 reviews for Sporn Head Halter™

  1. Cheryl Williams

    Absolutely Amazing!
    I picked this collar up at Walmart on a whim…did not really know anything about the collar or what to expect. I have a 10 month old black lab that I rescued about 6 weeks ago and have not had one relaxing walk with him. It’s been a bit of a nightmare and didn’t think I’d ever be able to stop his constant pulling. Put this collar on tonight and he instantly stopped pulling. I was able to walk him twice as far as I usually do because he was walking so well. I would not have believed the difference in his walking had I not seen it myself. For the first 10-15 minutes he kept pawing where the strap crosses his nose but soon didn’t care anymore. This collar is an absolute miracle for me and my dog!

  2. Naturenut

    Miraculous. Literally.
    I’ve been walking my 135 pound Giant Poofball (st Bernard/GSD mix) very early in the morning in an attempt to avoid temptation, but alas, one morning temptation found us. I wound up with scabby elbows, knees, shoulder, fingers, palm, and a scraped face and black eye. Needless to say our former “no pull” harness wasn’t up to the GP. I’ve tried other halter type collars, and as the GP doesn’t really have a neck they were quite useless. And yes. We’ve trained. So the GP didn’t get walked for a while. Last week I saw one of these in an XL hanging by the checkout at Goodwill of all places. New. In the box. Cheap. I thought why not? The worst that can happen is I wind up in a body cast for a while. Our first walk with it was promising. But I didn’t have the actual collar part on snuggly enough and the GP backed out of it in an enthusiastic effort to terrorize?/encourage?/warn? a neighbor obliviously weeding her flower bed. Thankfully the GP stopped in shock and stood in a deceptively well behaved manner while I put it back on and snugged it up a few inches. Since then, pure walking heaven. Just got back from a walk where we encountered multiple tail-taunting cats, and spent a whole block walking behind a man with two naughty dogs (which the GP finds irresistible). The GP was forced to contain his enthusiasm. My arms are still attached to my shoulders, and I have no road rash. The GP is now cuddled up contentedly as I write this review. Thank you Sporne. From both of us.

  3. Polly

    Wow wow wow
    I just adopted a 65kg neo mastiff and he had never been trained by the original owners. Our first two walks ended up with me taking skin off my big toe and myself and my big hefty 16 year old son pulling him with all our might to not get to another dog. Today I went to the pet shop and purchased this collar with a few doubts from some bad reviews. I think these people did not use it correctly cause omg we went from a pulling strong dog to a beautifully walking boy by our sides, not even phased by anything. If he pulled a little he would relax right back by my side. Completely different dog and enjoyable walk. Thank you much

  4. Brianna

    Life Changing
    I was at the point of tears on walks with my labrador puppy constantly pulling, wanting to sniff everything, wanting to jump on people and other dogs. This halter has changed everything from the second it went on. I love walking my dog now.

  5. Martha (verified owner)

    Our rescue dog pulled hard on every walk so I brought her to a trainer at my wits’ end. The trainer recommended the Sporn Head Halter and it is amazing! Our dog stopped pulling so hard immediately. After years of use a small piece broke (I don’t blame the manufacturer for this) and I just bought a replacement. Very happy with this product.

  6. Wendy Dreese

    Saved my shoulders!!
    I have two male, and one female Barbado da Terceira dogs (Portuguese cattle herders) who are about 65 pounds each and the female is around 50 pounds. They walk pretty well on leash, but if they see a fast-moving animal or even another dog, they try to dash off to engage it. Walking them in parks was about impossible, not to mention going to the vet’s office, or walking in a place where there were a lot of dogs around. This collar/head harness has changed our lives. They no longer drag me or jerk my shoulders as I try to redirect them. I no longer dread walking among people and other dogs. We have relaxing walks, which is as good for them as it is for me. They are like different dogs when I put this harness on them. I especially like that the dog’s neck is not wrenched to the side if they do try to dash at something which will cause neck injuries. I will ALWAYS use a SPORN head harness if needed. As a breeder, I will recomended this harness to all my puppy buyers.

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