Sporn NO-PULL Mesh Harness™ Black

15 reviews
The Sporn NO-PULL Mesh Dog Harness™ fits like a glove and is designed to curb moderate to heavy leash pullers. Made for style, comfort and control, this harness features an elasticized mesh chest piece that moves with your dog. It’s designed to humanely control any size dog without choking, and the one-piece harness is easy to put on and take off. The padded restraint sleeves offer extra comfort under the front legs.

X-Small/Toy: 8-10 inch neck, or dogs approximately 2-8 lbs
Small: 9-12 inch neck, or dogs approximately 8-25 lbs
Medium: 12-17 inch neck, or dogs approximately 25-60 lbs
Large/X-Large: 16-24 inch neck, or dogs approximately 60-100 lbs

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Key Benefits

  • Patented system “gives” with your dog’s natural movements
  • Designed to stop the hardest pullers humanely without choking
  • Padded restraint sleeves allow for a comfy fit under front legs
  • One-piece ergonomic structure
  • Made with the highest quality nylon

Sizing Information

Toy:  8-10 inch neck, or dogs approximately 2-8 lbs
Small:  9-12 inch neck, or dogs approximately 8-25 lbs
Medium:  12-17 inch neck, or dogs approximately 25-60 lbs
Large/X-Large:  16-24 inch neck, or dogs approximately 60-100 lbs

Precautions: Recommended for walking purposes only. Do not leave on dog unattended. Not designed for use as a car harness or tie-out.

U.S. Patent No.: US 7,387,088 B2

15 reviews for Sporn NO-PULL Mesh Harness™ Black

  1. Maura Stephens

    Thanks for allowing me to enjoy walking my dog again, love this!

  2. Bryan L.

    SO happy we found this
    After trying so many harnesses, this is the FIRST one that worked like it said it would. LOVE it.

  3. J. Mitchell

    Good looking harness. Works well.

  4. Kris

    Love these
    My dog trainer told me about these. Work equally great on my 12# Jack Russell and my 36# Labradoodle (the later lifts her feet to get it on for it means fun! So glad to have something that works so well and doesn’t pull on the throat and sensitive trachea. Easy to put on. I keep spares in the car. Only complaint is the boring color choice. How about a tourquoise or flourescent one Sporn?

  5. Janice Dellinger

    Still pulling
    Have a lab/boxer still pulling. Barely slowed his down.

  6. Aussie Daddy

    There no way to write this without it sounding like I’m being paid, but I’m not.
    We just picked up one of these harnesses. We have a 2yr old Aussie that has always pulled no matter what we fitted him with. Other harnesses, choke chains, whatever. We put your harness on him and all that stopped dead. The first sign of tension and he would come to a complete halt! I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m still in disbelief every time I take him out, I’m expecting a return to his old behavior and it’s just completely gone! I seriously wouldn’t have believed it if you bet me all the money in the world. I was just wondering if there was somewhere you’d like me to write a review? This thing changed my dog-walking world! Thank you, thank you, thank you! There’s so much over-hyped and completely exaggerated advertising and product packaging out there. It’s nice to find something that actually does what it says it will do.

  7. Blanca

    Best Harness for ANY Breed
    I train and walk dogs.I always recommend this harness to all of my clients. It is the best harness and all of the dogs respond 100% positively to it. An added plus is that it makes training easier and the entire body of the dog is easily directed without the need of hard pulling. I recommend it also because it prevents the dogs from being injured and it helps humans understand how to walk their dogs or redirect them. It is a very good product and I often purchase them as gifts for pet owners.

  8. Megan

    Quality but still pulls
    The harness is great quality and looks wonderful. Unfortunately our medium size dog still pulls and yanks with this harness and continued training.


    Best no- choke harness for Pugs!
    I bought one of these harnesses years ago at Walmart – it was so easy to put on my Pug and did not restrict his breathing issues. I liked it so much I went back to the store and bought the last one in stock, I have not seen them on the shelf since, nor have I seen them at my local pet stores? So happy to have found the harness online and will purchase several more for my Pugs. The old harnesses – 10+ years old are still going strong after repairs needed from the puppies chewing on them. Again – I have tried all styles and brands of no- pull, no – choke harnesses and these are very lightweight and airy for hot weather, my Pugs line up to step into them, and the harness design is less bulky for them. They are a very good value and meet the demanding needs of a Pug’s breathing issues, so they should be more than comfy for all breeds of dogs!

  10. Jessica

    really like the… price at walmart
    I love the harness for my dog. she knows how to put it on. I needed to replace it because my other dog chewed it apart. However finding it was hard. I finally found it here and due to price I needed to wait for a pay check. then found it at walmart for $10. kinda glad I waited.

  11. Paul

    Useful to the end of its days.
    The Yup! Non-pull lead I purchased for my Jack Russel terrier (Ollie) has been on approximately 4000 walks over the course of 6 years and has covered about 9000km! It proved comfortable for my dog with no choking from his determined pulling. It finally gave up the ghost today with the main strap breaking near the leg pads. No it didn’t stop him pulling but given the abuse he put it through, I am amazed it lasted so long.I will buy another soon and I hope the quality is the same!

  12. Valerie

    Awesome! It works!
    I have tried multiple collars and harness to get my dog to stop pulling. Hated taking him for walking because he’s stronger than I am. Once I put this harness on him and took him out, it was amazing! No more pulling! It’s a blessing, now I can walk him without hurting myself. I will recommend this harness to everyone who has a dog that pulls!

  13. Peter

    Simple and Efficient
    I am currently buying another harness. My last harness survived for 8 years worth of 2-3 miles of walking every day from a dog with a lot of energy. He was actually so comfortable wearing it that he didn’t like it when I would take it off and it served as a comfort during times of high anxiety (like thunder storms).

  14. Nicole

    Pain relief from pulling
    I started having bad arm pain and realized it was likely from my husky mix lunging and pulling when I walk him. Living in an apartment, I walk him multiple times a day. I noticed an instant difference using the non pull harness from my previous harness. The harness I was using prior had my dog running from me when I’d grab it to put it on him for a walk. This harness is much easier to put on and I can tell he is much more comfortable. I am very happy I saw this at the pets store as I was checking out and decided to buy it. I am greatly looking forward to having relief in my arm and hands, as he is no longer having to be pulled back when I walk him. Thank you!

  15. Chris

    I love everything about the harness. I love how simple it is to put on, no messing around with buckles, zippers, or weaving straps through rings. I love how light it is and how it tightens if my dog walks a little to far ahead but instantly loosens when she falls back. I love where the leash ring/attachment is and how it adds to the length of the leash. I tell everyone I’m a dog person, not a people person and I have tried many harnesses, collars, etc and I’ve finally found one that does everything I want it to and more! I no longer have to waste my money on products that don’t work! If you’re on the fence about purchasing this harness, just buy it and you won’t be disappointed!

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