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Beyond  groundbreaking establishment of the first dog daycare center, Joseph Sporn gained further acclaim for his creation of the Sporn Harness, a patented no-pull harness designed specifically for dogs. Engineered to minimize pulling and enhance control during walks, the Sporn Harness has garnered widespread recognition, earning notable features in prominent media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal and Good Morning America. This innovative product exemplifies Joseph Sporn’s visionary thinking and invaluable contributions to the pet industry.

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Child Co-Walk Training Leash

Experience Shared Moments of Pet Connection Introducing the Sporn Child Co-Walk™ Training Leash, a groundbreaking way for your young one to connect with your pet. Enjoy the joy of shared dog-walking, with the essence of protection and oversight.

Boosting Young Confidence Children adore being helpers. Let your kiddo exclaim, “Look, I’m walking the dog!” Designed for mutual experiences, our leash allows kids to take charge under your watchful eye. It’s about growing confidence and establishing trust.

Prioritizing Every Step’s Safety Our leash speaks trust. Its double handle design provides an unbreakable bond between the child, pet, and adult. No unexpected jerks, just smooth and secure strolls, ensuring every adventure is cherished.


How Effective are Sporn Harnesses?

Sporn harnesses are renowned for their efficacy in addressing dogs that exhibit pulling behavior during walks. These specialized dog harnesses serve as a valuable tool, enabling dogs to regain sensitivity to the tension they may have grown accustomed to while using their regular walking gear.

Numerous testimonials attest to the significant impact these harnesses have had on dogs’ pulling habits. Pet owners report a heightened level of awareness in their dogs, making them more receptive to commands and ultimately easier to manage during walks.

Moreover, the benefits of Sporn harnesses extend beyond pulling correction, as they have proven to be beneficial for training dogs in loose leash walking techniques. The harness design facilitates the development of desirable walking behaviors, helping dogs learn to walk calmly and comfortably beside their handlers.

Experience the transformative effects of Sporn harnesses for yourself and discover the difference they can make in enhancing your dog’s walking experience.

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Sporn Durable Marrow Chews™

Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, the Sporn Marrow Chews are guaranteed to satisfy even the toughest of chewers. Jerky flavor down the middle is an extra treat!

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Head Halter: A More Humane Approach to Dog Control
4 min read
Head Halter: A More Humane Approach to Dog Control
July 11, 2023
By Sporn
Dog training and control methods have been the subject of many debates among pet owners and professionals alike. In this post, we explore one of the innovative tools in this sphere – the Sporn Head Halter – and discuss its conceptual inspiration, its application, and the pros and cons of using this unique apparatus. Unleashing […]
Leash Training Your Dog Using a No-Pull Harness
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Leash Training Your Dog Using a No-Pull Harness
May 22, 2023
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No Pull harnesses are Sporn’s biggest sellers and we get numerous rave reviews from our customers. What is so wonderful about these no-pull harnesses for dog lovers is that these training harnesses help your dog learn to stop pulling on the leash while remaining safe and comfortable for him. You will not have to worry about […]
Are harnesses good for Dogs?
6 min read
Are harnesses good for Dogs?
May 22, 2023
By Sporn
Indeed, non-pull harnesses are undoubtedly beneficial for dogs. They represent a humane, considerate approach to guiding and communicating with our canine companions. In the past, dogs were often led by their necks or throats, similar to how horses are guided. However, unlike horses which are large animals requiring substantial control, dogs benefit from a more […]
How Does the Non-Pull Dog Harness Work
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How Does the Non-Pull Dog Harness Work
May 22, 2023
By Sporn
We appreciate your curiosity, your time, and your decision to stop by and read this blog. We aim to foster a tone of friendliness and approachability in everything we write, and it’s our greatest hope that you feel that as we explain the workings of the non-pull harness. The non-pull harness operates using a patented […]


I love everything about the harness. I love how simple it is to put on, no messing around with buckles, zippers, or weaving straps through rings. I love how light it is and how it tightens if my dog walks a little to far ahead but instantly loosens when she falls back. I love where the leash ring/attachment is and how it adds to the length of the leash. I tell everyone I’m a dog person, not a people person and I have tried many harnesses, collars, etc and I’ve finally found one that does everything I want it to and more! I no longer have to waste my money on products that don’t work! If you’re on the fence about purchasing this harness, just buy it and you won’t be disappointed!
Our rescue dog pulled hard on every walk so I brought her to a trainer at my wits’ end. The trainer recommended the Sporn Head Halter and it is amazing! Our dog stopped pulling so hard immediately. After years of use a small piece broke (I don’t blame the manufacturer for this) and I just bought a replacement. Very happy with this product.
Pain relief from pulling
I started having bad arm pain and realized it was likely from my husky mix lunging and pulling when I walk him. Living in an apartment, I walk him multiple times a day. I noticed an instant difference using the non pull harness from my previous harness. The harness I was using prior had my dog running from me when I’d grab it to put it on him for a walk. This harness is much easier to put on and I can tell he is much more comfortable. I am very happy I saw this at the pets store as I was checking out and decided to buy it. I am greatly looking forward to having relief in my arm and hands, as he is no longer having to be pulled back when I walk him. Thank you!
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