Does your dog pull you?

The world’s most popular and best selling pull control solutions since 1989

#1 best seller!

The Non-Pull Mesh™ Harness

Stop your dog from pulling INSTANTLY!  Features a super comfortable mesh design as well as padded sherpa sleeves for comfort. Patented system "gives" with your dog's natural movement.



Ultimate Control Harness™


is your dog a big chewer?

Sporn® Durable Marrow Chews™



This is excellent! Since we got the harness, our 60lb. shepherd has learned how to walk properly without pulling, and the moment she pulls, she immediately stops and slows her pace to match us.

Chris C.

We love the Ultimate Control Harness. Worked on our Great Dane the very first time we tried it! We can now safely walk him without him dragging us down the street. It's safe for him too, unlike a choker collar.

Margi W.

This is by FAR the best thing I ever bought. Our Jack Russel Terrier is a 20 lb ball of muscle, and pulls so hard his tongue turns blue. Well, I tried the Mesh Harness today for the first time and it worked like a charm!

Louise M.

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