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About Us

Yuppie Puppy, opened by Joseph Sporn on the Upper West Side of New York City in 1987, was the first dog daycare center to offer off-leash playtime and structured socialization for dogs in a supervised and safe environment. This was a groundbreaking concept at the time, as dog owners previously had limited options for caring for their pets while they were at work or away. Yuppie Puppy’s success led to the development of the modern dog daycare industry, which now includes a wide range of services and facilities across the country.

In addition to founding the first dog daycare center, Joseph Sporn is also known for his invention of the Sporn Harness. The Sporn Harness is a patented no-pull harness for dogs that is designed to reduce pulling and improve control during walks. The Sporn Harness has received widespread recognition and has been featured in several media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal and Good Morning America. It is just one example of Joseph Sporn’s innovative ideas and contributions to the pet industry.

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Joe Sporn, Founder of the World’s First Day Care for Dogs in 1986
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Found his inspiration to invent the Sporn Halter®
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His designs have helped millions worldwide

We’re the Leader.

I’m Joseph Sporn. If you’ve heard of Day Care for Dogs or pull control harnesses, you know my creations.

The services along with my original products changed lives for dogs and their humans since 1986.  The services of day care and pack boarding for dogs has spread worldwide enhancing the social and exercise qualities of hundreds of millions of dogs.  My first pull control halter – The Sporn Halter – was the 1st harness recommended and licensed by the ASPCA.  As the leader of non choking pull-control harnesses, while choke chains are thankfully devices from the past, dogs worldwide are walked under control with my harnesses and many variations of my harnesses.

Featured on NBC, in The New York Times, The Daily News, Pet Product News, and dozens more media outlets all over the world, today more than 19 million dogs attend daycare worldwide each month.*

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“Giving animals what they need
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is arguably the love of my life.”
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Sporn Halter®

This is the product that started it all. Like “power steering” for your dog, the Sporn Halter® is guaranteed to stop your dog from pulling INSTANTLY.  The unique patented system is made of high quality webbing with added sherpa sleeves for maximum comfort.

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Joseph founded The Sporn Company in 1999. It blossomed out of his invention of the Sporn Training™ Halter, and grew very quickly around this single product line. His design of the dog Halter has helped millions of dog owners worldwide gain humane control over the most rambunctious leash pullers. All of the product designs and concepts that you will find here come from the inspiration of our dogs here at Yuppie Puppy Pet Care in NYC.

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