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Which Sporn Harness is Best for You and Your Dog?

The Sporn Company offers 3 levels of pull control from the lightest to the heaviest and most extreme pullers.
Read below to see which harness is best suited for you and your dog:

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Moderate Pullers

For mild to moderate pullers, these two harness designs are ideal for their ease of use while still being highly effective as a pull-control harness.

Level 1 Harnesses:
Non-Pull Mesh Harness

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Heavy Pullers

For heavier pullers, consider these harnesses as they offer effective pull control and both convert to standard collars as well!

Level 2 Harnesses:

Original Sporn Halter
Big Dog Halter

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Extreme Pullers

For extreme pullers, these products offer multiple uses and the most effective method of pull control available from Sporn.

Level 3 Harnesses:
Head Control Halter
Ultimate Control Harness

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