Sporn Ultimate Control™ Harness Black

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The Sporn Ultimate Control Dog Harness is the latest addition to our line of control products, offering 4 methods of pull control in one harness! It's patented, comfort design gives the dog owner several ways to humanely control their dog when on the go. The harness is easy to put on and is guaranteed to start working instantly, without intensive training!

Small:  Girth of 14-24 inches, or dogs approximately 10-30 lbs
Medium:  Girth of 19.5-32 inches, or dogs approximately 30-75 lbs
Large/X-Large:  Girth of 24-40 inches, or dogs approximately 75-150 lbs

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Key Benefits

  • Front pull control option
  • Rear pull control option
  • Simultaneous front and rear control
  • Built-in easy grab emergency handle
  • Includes detachable accessory handle/leash extension
  • Padded throughout for comfort
  • Adjustable around the chest and girth
  • Lifetime guarantee (excludes chewing)

Sizing Information

Small:  Girth of 14-24 inches, or dogs approximately 10-30 pounds
Medium:  Girth of 19.5-32 inches, or dogs approximately 30-75 pounds
Large/X-Large:  Girth of 24-40 inches, or dogs approximately 75-150 pounds

Instructional video:

Precautions: Recommended for walking purposes only. Do not leave on dog unattended. Not designed for use as a car harness or tie-out.

U.S. Patent No.: US 10,631,523 B2

8 reviews for Sporn Ultimate Control™ Harness Black

  1. James H.

    My large mastiff puppy is starting to get stronger by the minute. When he pulls, it can get a little dangerous here in the city. With this harness, however, I can walk him with just one hand with no problem at all. I’m amazed at how well this has worked – it’s a complete night and day difference!

  2. J. Geoff Stoneking

    Best product I’ve tried!
    My high energy Golden Retriever walks mainly well on a leash but there are times he pulls and nothing I have done works to correct the behavior. No matter what training tips I’ve tried or other aids suggested by a friend of mine who also trains dogs worked. Then I decided to try the Ultimate Control Harness (purchased from in store at a local retailer so I could return it if I had any issues.) I am pleased to say this works WONDERS! Even the rare times he tries to pull, he can’t pull hard and it’s easier than ever to get control back with this tool. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for high energy dogs! I never thought anything would get my Golden walking like a good little boy, but WOW, this did the trick!

  3. Astrid

    Best harness
    I have a fearful 45 kg Doberman who no matter what training methods we try is always pulling. We have tried everything different types of head halters and choke chains. Well, he didn’t improve on the head halter and broke a choke chain from pulling and lunging. We were at our wit’s end and it was painful for us to walk him. Last week we bought this harness on the recommendation from a friend. It has been the best thing we have ever bought it has turned our walks from stressful occasions to not even noticing we are walking him. He can’t lunge properly anymore as this harness just turns him so there is no strength in his pulling and he can’t pull as he just turns to the side. We’ve noticed an improvement in his mood when he is walking more confident and calmer. I cannot recommend this enough!

  4. Cathleen Nelson

    Best Harness!!
    If I could give more than 5 stars I will, but this harness is the Best Harness I ever bought for my dogs, did help alot for my 75lbs White Shepherd to prevent on pulling me he still does a little but that as much than before. But sadly they only have 2 colors I was looking forward to more variety of colors such Royal Blue

  5. Adina

    Sport Halters!!
    I have been using and recommending Sporn Halters for years! I worked in the veterinary field for years And also had my own pet sitting business. The first time it was recommended to me by a Veterinarian I worked with who told me about it because my dog would pull. I was amazed at how well they work! I have recommended it to countless clients over the years and MANY HAVE THANKED ME!! I love your products! Keep up the great work!!

  6. Caroline

    Love it!
    Perfect for our Doberman (got the large). Other harnesses would chafe, but this one is perfect. Love the handle on top as well! Great for getting control of her when she spots a cat 😉

  7. Angela

    I have a large reactive dog and I had tried so many harnesses and halters but nothing worked until we discovered the ultimate control harness. When I walk him using the front control he simply cannot pull. This is a dog who puts his head down and pushes through nose halters! The handle gives me so much control when another dog walks past us. He has a large neck so is able to back out of a collar, but the harness makes this impossible. He seems more calm and walks are now enjoyable!

  8. Betty Englert

    No more pulling
    Just walked my Basset today with her new Sporn harness. Big Difference. No more pulling! The only reason for the 4 rating, harness seems to want to ride to the left. I did tighten the chest portion..Will see if that helps. Any suggestions welcome. Otherwise, the harness is a winner and we’ve tried several.🙂

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