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The Sporn® Fling-It!™ is a ball sure to entertain your pup for hours on end. The Fling-It!™ springs off your finger while wicking slobber away at the same time. Watch the ball bounce like crazy and in all directions not knowing which way it will go - it's unpredictaball!

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Unleash the Fun with Sporn® Fling-It!™

Prepare for the ultimate playtime experience with Sporn® Fling-It!™ – the unpredictable, beef-flavored ball that your pup can’t resist! Engineered with patented technology, this innovative plaything not only bounces off your finger like magic but also wicks slobber away, ensuring clean, dry fun. No two bounces are alike, keeping your pup intrigued, engaged, and guessing where it will go next. Truly, it’s the epitome of “unpredictaball” fun!

For Big Dogs with Big Energy

Is your furry friend a medium to x-large breed, or weighs over 40 pounds? The Sporn® Fling-It!™ is just the right size for them. Its robust construction ensures hours of rigorous play, making it the perfect way to channel their boundless energy. The bonus? It’s beef-flavored! So, don’t be surprised if your pup can’t get enough of this springy, slobber-wicking, deliciously flavored wonder.

Safe Play is the Best Play

At Sporn®, we’re pet parents too, and we understand your concern for your pup’s safety. That’s why the Fling-It!™ is designed for safe, monitored chewing. Although robustly built, we recommend keeping an eye out for any signs of wear and tear and replacing the toy if necessary. After all, when it comes to our four-legged family members, safety is paramount.

Sizing Information:
Recommended for medium to x-large dog breeds, or dogs weighing over 40 pounds.

Precautions: Please monitor your dog for safe chewing at all times. Remove toy if damaged.

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