Marrow™ Tug

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This two-in-one design is guaranteed to satisfy your dog's chewing AND playtime needs! Sporn® Durable MarrowChews™ are the only chewable nylon bones with "Jerky Flavor Down the Middle!" Perfect for strong chewers, nylon shavings act like a toothbrush and help remove tartar from the dog's teeth. Unlike traditional rawhide bones, this bone will last! The circular shape allows for easy gripping while providing hours of chewing satisfaction and also serves as a great interactive toy for you and your canine companion.

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Twice the Fun: The Marrow™ Tug by Sporn®

Gift your furry friend double the delight with the Sporn® Durable MarrowChews™ Marrow™ Tug! This brilliant two-in-one design meets all your dog’s needs: satisfying the instinctual urge to chew and fulfilling the desire for interactive play. Crafted from chewable nylon with a delicious jerky flavor down the middle, this toy isn’t just a good time – it’s a feast!

Oral Health Made Enjoyable

Bid adieu to traditional rawhide bones and welcome Sporn® Durable MarrowChews™ into your pup’s life. Perfect for robust chewers, these bones go beyond providing a satisfying gnaw. Their nylon shavings mimic the action of a toothbrush, aiding in the removal of tartar from your dog’s teeth. So while your pup enjoys a flavorful chew, they’re also on their way to a healthier, brighter smile!

Interactive Play for a Stronger Bond

Engage with your furry friend in a whole new way with the Marrow™ Tug! Its unique circular design makes it easy to grip, facilitating hours of tugging games between you and your canine companion. The result? A toy that not only delivers chewing satisfaction but also strengthens the bond you share with your dog.

Sizing Information:
1 inch ring width, 6.5 inch circumference, 8 inch rope.
Recommended for medium to large breeds, or dogs over 40 pounds.

Precautions: Please monitor your dog for safe chewing at all times. Although MarrowChews are non-toxic, they are not intended for consumption. If any tiny pieces are ingested, they should pass safely; there is no need for concern. Discard bone if it appears a larger piece could break off. Larger chunks may not pass safely if ingested.

1 review for Marrow™ Tug


    Rec’d my two toys today. One came with the marrow flavor bit inside but this one did n
    One came with the marrow flavor bit inside but this one did not, just empty holes…

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