Marrow™ Chew Bone
Sporn Marrow chew bone for dogs large
Sporn Marrow chew bone for dogs xl
Sporn Marrow chew bone for puppies
Sporn Marrow chew bone for dogs

Marrow™ Chew Bone

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Sporn® Durable Marrow™ Chew Bones are the chewable nylon bones with "Jerky Flavor Down the Middle!" Perfect for strong chewers, nylon shavings act like a toothbrush and help remove tartar from the dog's teeth. Unlike traditional rawhide bones, this bone will last! Marrow™ Chew Bones are available in 5 sizes to suit every size dog.

Sizing Information

X-Small:  Recommended for dogs under 10 pounds (.75" x 3.5") 
Small:  Recommended for dogs between 10-25 pounds (1" x 4")
Medium:  Recommended for dogs between 25-40 pounds (1" x 5")
Large:  Recommended for dogs between 40-80 pounds (1" x 7.5")
X-Large:  Recommended for dogs over 80 pounds (1.5" x 9")

If your dog is a power chewer, we recommend choosing one size up.

Precautions: Please monitor your dog for safe chewing at all times. Although MarrowChews are non-toxic, they are not intended for consumption. If any tiny pieces are ingested, they should pass safely; there is no need for concern. Discard bone if it appears a larger piece could break off. Larger chunks may not pass safely if ingested.

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