Child Co-Walk Training Leash Pink Standard

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Does your child want to walk the dog? The international patent pending Sporn Child Co-Walk™ Training Leash is a first of its kind design allowing a child to safely walk the dog with an adult. The child can use their handle to assist in holding the leash while the adult uses their handle to maintain control and safety of both the child and dog.



Foster Early Bonds and Instill Responsibility

Introducing the Sporn Child Co-Walk Leash, thoughtfully designed to nurture early bonding between your child and their furry friend. This leash allows your little ones to participate in dog walking from a tender age, fostering a profound emotional connection. It doesn’t stop there. With your child at the helm of the longer leash, it subtly instills a sense of responsibility, introducing them to pet care’s basics.

Prioritizing Safety with Innovative Design

The Sporn Child Co-Walk Leash isn’t just about bonding and responsibility; it’s built with safety at its core. The dual-handle design offers an added layer of security, with the shorter handle kept by the adult for immediate control. A unique patented feature of the leash is the elastic stop gap that stretches and halts when taut. This safety measure educates your child on when it’s time to let go of the leash, ensuring they’re never caught off-guard.

Boosting Confidence and Family Unity

Experience a leash that serves as more than just a tool; it’s a catalyst for growth and unity. The Sporn Child Co-Walk Leash assists children in developing confidence while handling pets and understanding their behaviors and needs. As a family product, it reinforces collective purpose and companionship, transforming regular walks into cherished memories and wholesome family experiences.

Key Benefits

  • Walk the dog with your child, safely!
  • Breakaway Buckle re-attaches for solo walks
  • Built-in elastic to absorb shock
  • Reflective for safety

Precautions: Recommended for walking purposes only. Do not leave on dog unattended. Not designed for use as a tie-out.

All SPORN® products are patented or patent pending in the USA and Internationally including China. Any violators will be prosecuted.


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