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How Does the Non-Pull Dog Harness Work

We appreciate your curiosity, your time, and your decision to stop by and read this blog. We aim to foster a tone of friendliness and approachability in everything we write, and it's our greatest hope that you feel that as we explain the workings of the non-pull harness.

The non-pull harness operates using a patented system whereby restraints, or nylon webbing loops, ride up the dog's front four legs only when the dog pulls. When the dog is prone, standing, or even just walking, these nylon restraints are loose and do not apply any pressure. The pressure is only applied when the dog pulls.

This pressure goes into the dog's armpits, causing a sensation much like the ticklish feeling we get when someone puts their finger in our armpit. Just as we pull away when someone does that because we don't like it, the dog stops pulling immediately to stop that tickling sensation.

The beauty of the non-pull harness is its simplicity and safety. Compared to a choke chain that strangles a dog, causing pain or the inability to draw breath to get its attention to stop pulling, the non-pull harness works in a very subtle and humane way.

That's how the non-pull harness works. Thank you for your curiosity and for reading about this remarkable product.

Published on: May 22nd, 2023
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