Original Sporn Halter™ Red

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The Original Sporn Training Halter™ for dogs is designed for moderate to heavy pullers and is guaranteed to stop your dog from pulling instantly, using the patented "Sporn Effect". It's made of high quality, braided cord and nylon webbing, with thermoplastic and nickel-plated steel fasteners to reduce weathering. Its padded sherpa sleeves provide maximum comfort and prevent underarm chaffing.

Small:  9-12 inch neck, or dogs approximately 5-20 lbs
Medium:  12-17 inch neck, or dogs approximately 20-50 lbs
Large:  16-24 inch neck, or dogs approximately 50-90 lbs
X-Large:  23-33 inch neck, or dogs approximately 90-130 lbs

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Unleash the Power of Control

Experience ultimate control over your active, energetic dog with our Patented Pull-Resistant Dog Collar. This collar utilizes a patented system, scientifically designed to instantly stop even the hardest pullers in their tracks. Walking your canine has never been so easy, stress-free, and enjoyable.

Versatility at Its Best

Our Patented Pull-Resistant Dog Collar isn’t a one-trick product. When the pull function isn’t needed, it easily converts to a standard collar, offering you versatile functionality in one robust product. Whether you’re training or simply taking a leisurely walk, this collar is the perfect companion for your furry friend.

Lifetime Guaranteed Quality

Quality isn’t something we compromise on. We’re confident in the durability and performance of our product and to prove it, our Patented Pull-Resistant Dog Collar comes with a guarantee for the lifetime of your dog. Please note, this doesn’t cover chewing damage, but it does reinforce our commitment to the exceptional longevity of our products.


Sizing Information

Small:  9-12 inch neck, or dogs approximately 5-20 lbs
Medium:  12-17 inch neck, or dogs approximately 20-50 lbs
Large:  16-24 inch neck, or dogs approximately 50-90 lbs
X-Large:  23-33 inch neck, or dogs approximately 90-130 lbs

Precautions: Recommended for walking purposes only. Do not leave on dog unattended. Not designed for use as a car harness or tie-out.

U.S. Patent No.: US 4,964,369 A

3 reviews for Original Sporn Halter™ Red

  1. Sj

    I had borrowed a friends and thought yes this is what I need. So I went and bought a new one. Yes my dog walks better with this harness (dog is a medium labradoodle 6 month old puppy) however it is constantly slipping and coming lose. The comfort bands under the arms slip. I didn’t have this problem with my friends old one which I had trialled for several weeks. It’s a pity it has so much potential.

  2. Angela

    My #1 harness of choice since early 2000’s
    This harness has been with me for many, many years. It has served (and still serves) me well and has stood up to the test of time! The harness is extremely easy to put on my dogs, easily hand washed, effective at preventing harsh pulling, humane and completely alleviates any pressure on the trachea. The original purpose of my purchase of this harness was to stop the collapsing of the trachea in a small, adopted and elderly dog I once owned. Our walks were stress free from the moment I put it on. All coughing ceased. She wasn’t familiar with being led on a collar and would inherently pull. I found the harness gradually and gently helped curb that habit. Since my original purchase, I have used it on two other of my pups and even on one of my clients sweet, small dog that I walk. The clients dog has a delicate neck and this prevents any pressure on it. I highly recommend and encourage others to purchase this harness! Does my harness show signs of wear and tear? Absolutely! The metal loops aren’t as shiny and the fleece sleeves have collected a little lint (but understandable after so many washes).But don’t we all show signs of wear and tear after 16+ years of use? 😉 Would I purchase again? Yep! But with the quality of this harness, I don’t foresee having to do so! It will take me owning a larger dog in order to purchase another.

  3. Joe M Castillo

    No pull harness
    I bought the original no pull harness. I have a very strong 75 lb. male Labradoodle that pulls pretty darn good so taking him for a walk sometimes was a real work-out I just tried the harness for the first time and Yes when he pulls he immediately stop. I give the product out of 10 stars a “10” Ordering and delivery our of 10 stars a “7” Customer service communication on email out of 10 “7” If the harness keeps working like it did today I will recommend to friends. JC

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